AirCare+ 3 mask

AirCare+ is a reusable silicone respirator mask, which is manufactured from medically certified silicone. The large filter opening minimizes the breathing resistance. The filter fleece is inserted from outside between a grid and fixed by a silicone edge. This prevents the filter from being pulled inwards by the negative breathing pressure. The filter is only exposed to very low mechanical stress, so that the fibers do not break.

We offer 2 different versions of the AirCare+ mask:

AirCare+ 3ONE

This model consists of a filter that covers the entire grid, enabling inhalation and exhalation through the filter. The mask reliably protects wearer and environment due to it’s excellent face fit adaption.

AirCare+ 3TWO

With a filter including an exhalation port to facilitate natural breathing even under heavy physical work loads. The exhaled air is directed downwards through a diffuser.

Sustainable – No excuse for single use

The AirCare+ mask is free of metal and other corrosive materials, has a lifetime of up to 20 years, with an active usability of 10 years and can be sterilized hundreds of times according to hospital standards. Considering the lifetime of our masks and the need to change the filter twice a day, the AirCare+ mask generates only a fraction of the amount of waste compared to the amount of medical waste generated by thousands of disposable masks.

Reusable – Skin-friendly and sterile

All silicone and plastic parts used in the AirCare+ mask are reusable and consist either of medical grade silicone or thermoplastic material. This group is skin-friendly, reusable and can be sterilized by hot steam according to hospital standards or with any certified disinfectant.

The unique design of the filter fleece results in an almost 90% reduction of the required material compared to other breathing masks!

Cost efficiency – Permanent protection

With the filter sets included in the scope of delivery, the AirCare+ mask is already more cost-effective compared to currently available disposable masks. In addition to the long life of the mask, we see the achieved cost efficiency at the highest level.

Perfect fit – Ergonomics and performance

The ergonomic shape of the AirCare+ mask has no hard, sharp or uncomfortable areas that could leave sore spots on the skin. Medical silicone is a material that does not cause allergies and is certified skin-friendly and free of harmful substances. 

When the AirCare+ mask is used with a valve, the heat of the air we breathe is efficiently dissipated. This increases the wearing comfort considerably.

Produced locally – Made in Austria

We are convinced that dependence on other countries and regimes with uncertain political agendas will lead to serious problems, especially when protective equipment is needed but is not available due to global demand and buying competition. This is one of the reasons, the AirCare+ mask is produced in Austria and our supply chain is located entirely within Central Europe. This means that we are not dependent on the transport of goods over long distances.

Customization – Special requests welcome

Depending on the quantity of AirCare+ masks ordered, adjustments and individualization are possible. Different colors can be selected for the mask, the filter grille and the valves. In addition, we offer adaptations especially for security or armed forces on request. Different colors can be particularly useful for hospitals and government agencies, for example to keep masks color-coded in different departments so that layers, protective equipment standards or sterilization cycles can be identified externally.

The mask is easy to transport and store on the body. The AirCare+ mask body can be folded to a very compact size and is comfortable to wear in any situation.

Legal – Design and patents

The mask design, utility model and pending patent applications are registered worldwide and are the property of GGA-Advisory GmbH.